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  Heart & Blood Pressure» QUESTRAN [CHOLESTYRAMINE] (koh LES tri a meen)

Buy Generic Questran CHOLESTYRAMINE- Blood Pressure Medication

FDA Approved. 100% Discount. 80% Discount

Questran (Generic)


Questran (Generic)



Common Brand:

Questran Light

Questran 5gm Sachets
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Questran [Cholestyramine] is essentially a bile acid sequestrant and an effective cholesterol controlling agent that is useful in decreases the chances of onset of heart diseases which are caused due to clogged arteries. Questran [Cholestyramine] is used for lowering the bad cholesterol levels and are also used for curing gall bladder itching caused due to any kind of blockage in bile ducts.
Questran [Cholestyramine] prevents the re-absorption of bile by binding it in gastrointestinal tract. Questran [Cholestyramine] helps in removing the bile acid from the patientís body as it forms insoluble complexes by mixing with bile acid that is present in the intestines. This bile acid is then flushed out of the body in form of feces and plasma cholesterol present in human body gets converted into bile acids to normalize its level in the body. Thus not only does the bile acid levels in the body get regulated but also it helps in the lowering of blood cholesterol levels. Questran [Cholestyramine] is therefore extremely effective in treating hypercholesterolemia as well as prevents liver failure which happens due to lack of elimination of bile acids.
Questran [Cholestyramine] is available in the market in form of a powder. You can buy small 4 gram packets or even buy a larger box. This medicine should be taken as per the doctors prescription and special care has to be taken by patients suffering from regular diarrhea before taking this powder. Also inform your doctor if you are pregnant, breast feeding or planning to conceive before taking Questran [Cholestyramine]. Increase your fluid intake when taking Questran [Cholestyramine] to avoid constipation.
People taking Questran [Cholestyramine] to lower cholesterol should use it in combination with balanced low fat hi fiber diet and regular exercise to see better results.

Questran [Cholestyramine] is available in the form of a 4 gm powder packet that has to be dissolved in 2-6 ounces of water, mixed thoroughly and drink immediately. More liquid should be consumed after taking Questran [Cholestyramine]. Donít keep the mixture in your mouth for long as it can cause tooth discoloration and tooth decay. Take Questran [Cholestyramine] as per doctorís direction 1-2 times in a day with meals. The total dose of Questran [Cholestyramine] in a day should not exceed 24 gm.

Questran [Cholestyramine] users most commonly experience constipation which can be prevented by consuming lot of water and other non alcoholic beverages. Other common side effects of Questran [Cholestyramine] include gastritis, stomach upset, indigestion, heartburn, cramps in abdomen, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and hemorrhoids irritation. In rare cases Questran [Cholestyramine] users may experience muscle aches, difficulty in swallowing, pain and stiffness in joints, headache, anal irritation and unusual bleeding or bruising. Contact the doctor immediately if the problem is seen or persists. Questran [Cholestyramine] could also experience tooth decay and tooth decoloration if the liquid stay in mouth for longer time duration.

Questran [Cholestyramine] should be taken only after informing the doctor about all the medications that you are currently using. This medication for lowering the cholesterol can interact negatively and decrease the effectiveness of digitalis, diabetes, estrogen, Phenobarbital, tetracycline, spironolactone, thiazide, arava, warfarin and thyroid medication.

Questran [Cholestyramine] can be used alone or in combination with other drugs to treat hypercholesterolemia or high LDL levels. Questran [Cholestyramine] has to be taken in combination with good diet and exercise program to see better results. Lower cholesterol decreases the chances of heart diseases, strokes and heart attacks. This medicine could also be used for treating pruritus which is itching that is cause due to liver failure if it is unable to eliminate bile. Questran [Cholestyramine] is also used for preventing the occurrence of diarrhea in Crohnís patients that have recently had post-ileal resection.

Questran [Cholestyramine] should be stored at a temperature of 20-25 degree Celsius) away from heat, light and moisture. The medicine should never be stored in bathroom and away from the reach of pet and children.

Questran [Cholestyramine] should be taken with caution by people that suffer from constipation, liver diseases, swallowing problems, experience bleeding problems or are on thyroid medication. The medication should be taken with caution by pregnant ladies and feeding mothers.

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